In Vietnam, the McCain ambiguities disappear. Here McCain endured things and saw others that would destroy most human beings.
— 'What McCain Knew,' City Journal

Mike Stanton’s biography of Rocky Marciano reveals a fighter as great as remembered but a man more complicated than most knew.
— 'A Rock of Many Pieces,' National Review

In the difference between Sinatra’s arrangements and Dylan’s one can trace a cultural history of the last half-century or so, in sound, and it is Dylan’s sound, for better and worse, that has won out: roughness over purity, vernacular over formality, suggestive and cryptic over direct and earnest.
— 'Here's That Rainy Day,' 'City Journal'

Only a nation founded on principles of equality and self-government would have contemplated mass secondary education.
— 'When High Schools Shaped America's Destiny,' City Journal

The truth, though hard to make out under the thick moss of mythology, is that Ali refused induction not out of principle but from fear of disobeying Elijah Muhammad...
— 'The Truth About Muhammad Ali and the Draft,' The Wall Street Journal

Seventy-five years later, the oil is still leaking from the Arizona; droplets come to the surface in ghostly rainbow patterns...
— 'On A Sunday Morning,' City Jounal

...in a pre-social media age, Ali didn’t need anything so desperate as Facebook; Twitter trails breadcrumbs in his wake.
— 'One and Only,' City Journal

No more damaging accusation exists in modern America than that of bigotry. Once levied, it is a charge reluctantly retracted, and the dead have a particularly hard time winning acquittal.
— 'A Wronged Man,' City Journal

It started with a Scholastic book on the Titanic that my seven-year-old, Grace, brought home late last fall.
— 'Of Grace and Ismay,' City Journal

Old houses creak, as everybody knows, but until you’ve lived in one, you don’t believe it.
— 'Unquiet Nights,' City Journal

We had 27 inches of snow to clear that morning...before we could call Tull, the funeral director, to pick up the body.
— 'Winter Passing,' Connecticut Diarist, City Journal

...the Great Blizzard of 1888...descended on New York... with the stealth of a sneak attack and the force of a bomb... minimal visibility and whipping winds blowing snow crystals around that felt like shards of glass
— 'Ye Blizzard Men and Ladies,' City Journal

Even as its popularity has ebbed, boxing flickers in the American consciousness.
— 'The Ghost Sport,' City Journal

The gloves bring to mind a familiar image: a narrow, roped square; eager spectators surrounding the ring; and, in the fighters’ corners, old, wrinkled seconds with Q-tips behind their ears, holding buckets.
— 'The Ghost Sport,' City Journal


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