Boxing brings out greatness in writers [like] Joyce Carol Oates...Beston’s book has that magic...
— Michael Brendan Dougherty, 'National Review'

‘The Boxing Kings’ shows off an expert knowledge of the sport’s history fitting for someone who can still recall by memory boxing’s Dewey decimal number, as well as a talent for archival storytelling.
— Jacob Siegel, 'Modern Age'

...those who know and/or love boxing fans, should get this fine book.
Or at least tell Santa about it.
— Larry Thornberry, 'The American Spectator'
‘The Boxing Kings’ reads like Ali-Frazier III, Holyfield-Bowe I, Louis-Conn, or Dempsey-Firpo.
— Daniel J. Flynn,

It’s compelling reporting that educates as well as entertains, and for fans of the sport, both the new and the hardcore, it’s a must-read.
— Thomas Gerbasi,

If books were fighters some would be tomato cans, some journeymen, some contenders, and a very few would be Champions. Paul Beston’s work is truly worthy of the Championship Crown. I highly recommend it.
— Bobby Franklin,

The Boxing Kings: When American Heavyweights Ruled the Ring, by Paul Beston (Rowman & Littlefield), Sept. 8

The stories of John L. Sullivan, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson inside the ring, and out, illustrate how boxing was deeply interwoven into 20th century American culture.

4 stars amazon.png
Beston comes up with some new material that will surprise even some veteran fans...he obviously knows his stuff, and that shows up on every page here.
— Sports Book Review Center
[The Boxing Kings] brought boxing alive to me...[Paul’s] passion for boxing is evident, but his ability to write beautifully is uncommon…this book has the pace of a good heavyweight fight.
— Craig Silverman, host of the Craig Silverman Show, Denver's 710 KNUS Talk Radio

5 stars amazon.png
Gracefully written, impressively erudite, and the photos are well chosen...even boxing buffs are sure to learn something new...
— Amazon reviewer Helen A.

5 stars amazon.png
You don’t have to be a serious fan of boxing to enjoy this’s not just about these great champions — it’s also about their character and their unique personal journeys and history.
— Amazon reviewer KidBlackieNYC
Beston has a way of filling in the decades between his subjects with an economy of space and tight, compact prose that covers what we need to know before moving us right along to his next subject. He doesn’t miss a beat..An A+
— Amazon reviewer David C.


New Book Set To Energize Interest In Heavyweight Boxing Once Again!

Paul is interviewed by Vince McKee of NEO Sports Insiders blog.

The Boxing Kings is a fine book, partly because Beston portrays the fighters not as unblemished heroes, but as flawed, fallible men.
— Don Stradley, This Dazzling Time blog