Memorable quotes from heavyweight champs

The general impression of those who fight with their fists is that they're inarticulate, but the heavyweight champions had plenty to say, if you know where to look. Here's a small sample to start a new week.


"I go in to win from the very first second, and I never stop until I have won.  Win I must, and win I will, at every stage of the game.”
— John L. Sullivan

Do it. Don’t talk about it.
— Rocky Marciano, from the Italian saying, Fa i fatte e no parole

"If you want to see how strong somebody is, let him get disappointed."
— Evander Holyfield


"Boxing has put a lot of bread in a lot of people’s pockets—same thing as love."
— Joe Frazier


"I got up more times than anyone."
— Floyd Patterson, when reminded that he had been knocked down more than any other heavyweight champion

There is no such thing as a natural boxer. A natural dancer has to practice hard. A natural painter has to paint all the time. Even a natural fool has to work at it.
— Joe Louis

"I realized that everything I always thought was the truth was a lie, so I had to start my life all over."
— Mike Tyson